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Solar Struggle PC version is in development

Since releasing the XBox verison of Solar Struggle and Solar Struggle: Suvival we wanted to release the game on the PC. Sadly we had not enough time until now. But now we have time to make the PC version of … Continue reading

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Award system


I’m Oliver and I’m mostly responsible for keeping the programmer section together and also write some code from time to time. Today I’d like to talk a bit about the challenges of our awards system. Be prepared for some insights :-)

As you may have already noticed, the game features 36 awards which can be unlocked. Because we’re not allowed to use the name “achievement” inside XBOX360 Indie Games, the decision was to name them “Awards”. Basically they’re both the same thing: They’re unlocked when you reach specific goals. Some of them are easy to unlock, others require some work or time and will only be awarded to them who do best! Continue reading

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