Desura Release

We’d like to announce that Solar Struggle (PC) is now also available on Desura!

Desura Digital Distribution

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2 Responses to Desura Release

  1. Adrianne says:

    something about the quality of most of your games you’ve prceuodd thus far.5) You’re spreading yourself too thin on games that are all too much the same. You want sales you have to put the effort into one game or be satisfied taking low risk small games and hope to win the lottery on phones/ipad.Games that are arguably much worse then yours (gratuitous space battles) sold more because of better art direction. Space battles has practically no interactivity yet sold ~100,000K copies. Art direction matters and you have to find some decent artists because while supercross fire was a game that grew on me I almost didn’t buy it because the art direction was so poor. It doesn’t get me excited to see a game with retro graphics that are trying to ape the art style of atari games of the past. The reason 16-bit 2D retro games work is that there is sufficient color depth which allowed for good art direction. That is why 2D games can end up on steam the art direction is sufficiently good.You should go get MAME and load up old arcade games, if your games can’t compete with those old arcade games there is something that’s not clicking in your head. Right now if I were to develop something it wouldn’t be a game, I’d be working on tools that allow me to procedurally create good looking art assets for other indie games in my spare time. Make mone selling tools that help drive down costs of art for games. There is a dearth of art and other good procedural tools which would make making art assets much more speedy and cost effective. Nobody has done this yet though to any decent degree of quality.

  2. Alejandro says:

    John PeatI think the whole gaming melcatprake is a bit of a mess atm between lunatic APP (and XBLIG) pricing, Indie Bundles and Steam Sales we’ve forced a boom or bust market for cheap/indie games almost identical to the one which has already crippled the full-price/console melcatprake As an indie, you now have to release something that’s so cheap you need 10s of 1000s of sales to make any money. Some games will get this others will get nowhere near it and so we find ourselves with the same issues as the full-price console game market, lots of sequels and clones and very, very little innovation.There’s also the issue of there being a LOT of games out there the ability to make games using (often free and) easy tools has caused a massive explosion of content, to the extent that as someone who enjoys allsorts of games, it’s practically a full-time job just keeping up with what’s available!!So it’s a great time for gaming and an awful one at the same time I’ve no idea where we go from here but I think all we can do is create cool games and hope to hell we can shout loudly enough for people to play them It might help if people stopped being retarded about things like pricing tho if you keep bitching that $10 is too much for a game you’re going to get a shock when you see what you REALLY get for $10, once the dust settles