Solar Struggle: Survival!

We’re proud to announce that Solar Struggle: Survival is finally available on the XBOX 360 Marketplace! The game passed peer review this morning and we were a bit suprised as it showed up on the marketplace that quick. Nontheless: Finally you have the chance to get your hands on it! It’s a hell lot of fun (at least we were told so during peer review) and a real bargain for only 80 MSP. To recapitulate the main reasons you should try it:

  • We really put a lot of effort into it – to make one of the core features of the original Solar Struggle game even more fun to play!
  • You can try and beat the game with three ships – and a lot of possible weapon combinations! Although we don’t assume you will get rid of all enemies with the Scout.
  • Now you can compare your score with your friends! The highscore feature was a feature we really missed to implement in the original game. Now we finally can brag about our score!

You’re still here? Go push the power button on your xbox and download the game from the marketplace! Or directly push the game to your 360 via the marketplace website. Gogogo!

Oh yeah, if you do like games with a background story, Solar Struggle: Survival won’t satisfy your needs. Try out the original game instead!

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