Solar Struggle: Survival soon available

We think it is time to show your the Solar Struggle spin-off “Solar Struggle: Survival”! Amongst the changes are a new style of graphics and the concentration on the skirmish game mode (which might be known by you from the main game). We removed stripped he story mode and worked hard on the improved skirmish mode:

  • New weapon: unguided missiles
  • New weapon: mines
  • Powerups: Missiles, Mines, Shield Regeneration, Armor Regeneration
  • 14 waves of enemies with different boss enemies
  • Highscores (Finally! :-) )
  • New additional achievements (awards, in our case)
  • Overhauled HUD

To show you the new style of graphics we’ve took some screenshots for you:

Ingame Screenshot from Solar Struggle: SurvivalIngame Screenshot of Solar Struggle: Survival

The game will be available from the XBOX LIVE INDIE GAMES Marketplace in the next weeks, so stay tuned because we’ll announce the exact release date here!

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2 Responses to Solar Struggle: Survival soon available

  1. Jedi Pilot says:

    I own both games. Didn’t realize you were working on the sequel until it came up on XBL. I think you have done a remarkable job, especially considering there are no real space shooters. Sure, there are the scrollers but they are hardly space games. I hope you will continue to produce space themed games for the 360! What is your next project? If it is like these two games, I will be the first to buy it.

  2. Sorry for late answer. At the moment we start to port Solar Struggle to PC. We will announce it on the website in the next days. After PC-version of Solar Struggle we will see which game we will make. At the moment we have only some ideas, but no detailed plan.