Solar Struggle – Steam Group

Althought it is to early we slowly start to prepare some things for the Steam-Release of Solar Struggle. That’s why we created a steam group. There, you can speak about the game and it’s improvements which will be included to the Steam version.

Steam Group

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Finally Top 100 on Steam Greenlight

We finally reached top 100 on Steam Greenlight. Vote for Solar Struggle  on Greenlight so it can greenlit in the next batch and release on Steam!

Solar Struggle on Greenlight

DRM-Free Version on IndieGameStand

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Solar Struggle is a part of Indie Royale Atomic Bundle

Solar Struggle joins the current Indie Royale Bundle. This bundle contains alltogether seven great indie games. In the next three days you can get the bundle for only a few bucks.

While you’re doing it, don’t forget to stop by our Greenlight page and give us a vote! We’d be really excited if Solar Struggle would make it!

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Solar Struggle released on IndieGameStand

Today we released Solar Struggle on IndieGameStand. The purchase on IndieGameStand includes a Desura key and a DRM-Free copy.

We are also on Greenlight, so if you want to have Solar Struggle in your Steam Library and your Solar Struggle Achievements on your Steam account, vote for Solar Struggle!

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Demo time!

The trial is finally out! A lot of people have complained that there is no demo available which lets you test the game. So we took some time over the last months and put a demo together in our spare time. The standalone setup file can be downloaded from the “Downloads” section on desura or directly on the Solar Struggle homepage.

The demo contains the skirmish mode and lets you take down waves of enemies. Of course the playtime is artifically capped and you can’t play with all available ships (that’s the point of a demo ;) ). The full version doesn’t have this limitations!

So download the demo now (it’s only ~500MB), you got nothing to loose! And let us know why you don’t like the demo at all. In the other case, go to desura or little indie and get the full version with the whole story!

XBOX360 gamepad recommended for ultimate game experience.

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